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Shoe laces Bandi

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Item no.ProductMaterialPackagingType
2GO Shoelace 451 Black 80cm31104512GO Shoelace 451 Black 80cmBomullBlisterRunt medium
2GO Shoelace 452 White 80 cm31104522GO Shoelace 452 White 80 cmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 453 Black 80 cm31104532GO Shoelace 453 Black 80 cmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 454 White 65cm31104542GO Shoelace 454 White 65cmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 455 Dark brown 65cm31104552GO Shoelace 455 Dark brown 65cmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 456 Black 65cmm31104562GO Shoelace 456 Black 65cmmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 457 White 90 cm31104572GO Shoelace 457 White 90 cmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 458 Black 90 cm31104582GO Shoelace 458 Black 90 cmPolyester/gummiBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 463 Black 65cm31104632GO Shoelace 463 Black 65cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 467 White 80cm31104672GO Shoelace 467 White 80cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 470 Beige 80cm31104702GO Shoelace 470 Beige 80cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 476 Black 80cm31104762GO Shoelace 476 Black 80cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 477 Red 80cm31104772GO Shoelace 477 Red 80cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 484 White 90cm31104842GO Shoelace 484 White 90cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
2GO Shoelace 486 Black 90cm31104862GO Shoelace 486 Black 90cmBomullBlisterRunt tjockt
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